29 12, 2015

Breaking News Book Series Top Five New Releases

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE December 29, 2015 Amazon & Major Book Retailers Debut 'Breaking News The Series' - A Top Five New Release -Award Winning Miami Journalists Publish Tell-All Television Book Series- Miami, FL. - Watching local television news will never be the same once you read episode one of the provocative and equally hilarious new [...]

28 12, 2015

Visual Storytelling Helping Maasai Women

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In this season of sharing blessings and giving, it has been my honor at Julia Yarbough Media Group to create visual storytelling helping Maasai women a world away. Working with Builders of Hope to create messaging announcing a new and potentially life-changing initiative for affordable housing in Africa. The organization is leading an effort to [...]

21 12, 2015

Female Leads Miami Beach Convention Center Construction

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Pitching a story with the title 'Female Leads Miami Beach Convention Center Construction' has such a nice ring, doesn't it? Thank you to South Florida reporter Rene Pedrosa and the team of news professionals with ActualidadRadio 1020AM/1040AM for the amazing interview with Maria Hernandez, the Director of the new Miami Beach Convention Center Project. Identifying [...]

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