Project Description

Housing is one of the basic human needs that largely remain unmet globally, yet it rarely gains the limelight for impact investors and social entrepreneurs. Housing is at the root of many other social issues many organizations work to address; the lack of quality shelter means people live in areas with reduced access to clean water and sanitation, unreliable and unhealthy energy sources and low levels of financial security.

Kenyan-born architect Ronald Omyonga created HSS to offer a comprehensive model to address the issue. HSS is the link between financial service providers allowing low income groups to access legal loans. HSS organizes housing industry players to deliver all services to clients, including financing, access to trained and vetted local artisans/builders in the construction industry, technical design and access to customer service/guidance throughout the building/purchasing process.

Omyonga, a self-proclaimed Social Entrepreneur is best known for creating The HabiHut project designed to offer low-cost, portable housing solutions and access to clean water. Omyonga has worked globally with Habitat For Humanity, and has consulted with Engineers Without Borders on numerous global projects seeking solutions to improve living conditions for low income individuals around the world.

JYMG recognizes the dedication and commitment exhibited by Omyonga in his continued efforts to enhance the lives of those living at the lowest levels of the social and economic pyramid. Using his skills and talents, Omyonga is able to create viable economic growth for his company while offering security, empowerment, safety and hope to others. It is a true example of Corporate Social Responsibility.

For a more in depth look at architect Ronald Omyonga and his devotion to social causes and improving lives, view MAJI – a short documentary produced by JYMG, and for more information on how you can make a difference, contact [email protected]