Project Description

Partnering with the City of Miami Beach and bringing together an experienced team of photographers and editors, I proudly produced the 2016 Miami Beach Police Department Recruit Video Campaign.

Programming consists of two four-minute overview segments and more than ten, thirty-second spots. Segments are designed for traditional commercial slots and social-media usage.

Early results of the campaign: this production has received more than 4,800 views on YouTube and some thirty-thousand (30K) individuals were reached via social media. For just twelve open positions within the Miami Beach Police Department more than two-hundred individuals arrived for orientation.

One prospective recruit said, “I’ve recently watched the MBPD recruitment video on the City of Miami Beach Police website and as a young black female I was motivated on becoming a Police Officer. I would like to express my interest on working for a world class diversity city such as Miami Beach.”

Click here to view the entire video campaign.