Project Description

Miami Beach Police Recruitment is an ongoing effort.  Julia Yarbough Media Group worked with the City of Miami Beach to bring together an experienced team of photographers, editors and graphic designers. The team worked closely with Miami Beach Police to complete this project.  I am proud to have served as the creative director and producer for the 2016 Miami Beach Police Department Recruit Video Campaign.

The final messaging campaign includes two four-minute overview segments and more than ten thirty-second spots. Each segment is designed for traditional commercial slots and social-media usage.

The finished product pulled in successful results for viewership. This production received more than 4,800 views on YouTube and the content reached some thirty-thousand (30K) individuals via social media.

The department needed to fill  just twelve open positions within the department.  However after these segments aired more than two-hundred individuals arrived for orientation.

One prospective recruit said, “I’ve recently watched the MBPD recruitment video on the City of Miami Beach Police website and as a young black female I was motivated on becoming a Police Officer. I would like to express my interest on working for a world class diversity city such as Miami Beach.”

Julia Yarbough Media Group welcomes the opportunity to work closely with law enforcement organizations to capture and tell the stories of the people behind the badges. Our team understands the importance of crafting efficient and effective message opportunities for those within the public sector. That includes not only law enforcement, but fire organizations, governmental offices, public works and parks and recreation services. If your community or organization needs a professional team to capture your unique story and attributes, Julia Yarbough Media Group is here to assist.

Click here to view the entire video campaign.

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