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Sleep Goddess® Age-Defying Beauty Pillow delivers a new era of sleep. So says the creator.

Meet couture fashion designer turned pillow-maker Lydia Lopez-Astrov. She is the mastermind behind this new product she describes as a ‘pillow with a purpose!’

What better way to learn all about this creative diva, her product and the story behind how she has brought the Sleep Goddess® Age-Defying Beauty Pillow to market than to keep reading and watch the video interview.

The Pillow That Will Change the Face of the Beauty Industry: Fashion Designer Develops Elegant Organic Pillow

SAINT PAUL, MINNESOTA, USA, March 15, 2021 / — In a fast-paced world when information and activity is coming at us seemingly non-stop, getting a good night’s sleep is crucial. The new Sleep Goddess® Age-Defying Beauty Pillow is ushering in a new age of slumber that indulges sleepers in an overnight experience of beauty and rest.

Sleep Goddess® Age-Defying Beauty Pillow Logo“I value my sleep and my bedtime routine is sacred,” says Sleep Goddess® Age-Defying Beauty Pillow designer Lydia Lopez-Astrov. “I believe every woman should feel and sleep like a goddess, especially in the comfort of their sacred sanctuary: the boudoir.”

A fashion designer by trade and a lover of all things beautiful and elegant, Lopez-Astrov has turned her creative talent towards the bedroom and SLEEP! Lopez-Astrov is now set to help thousands drift off into a comfortable slumber with the luxurious Sleep Goddess® Age-Defying Beauty Pillow. The creation is a labor of love born of many nights of tossing, turning and waking up not fully rested.

“After purchasing an organic latex mattress a few years ago, I set out to find a new pillow that was comfortable and made from healthy and environmentally sustainable materials,” explains Lopez-Astrov. “I was unable to find the quality or features I wanted. So I designed the Sleep Goddess® Age-Defying Beauty Pillow! I am a wife, a mother and a designer. I need my sleep to sustain a healthy quality of life for me and my family.”

The patent-pending Sleep Goddess® Age-Defying Beauty Pillow is in production and ready to take the world’s quality of sleep and pillow choices to new levels.

The Sleep Goddess® Age-Defying Beauty Pillow is crafted with side-sleepers in mind, to provide comfort and luxury from the moment you close your eyes and your head hits the pillow, until the alarm goes off.

Sleep Goddess® Age-Defying Beauty Pillow ImageDesigned with a unique “Eye-Mask” shaped indentation in the center, the Sleep Goddess® Age-Defying Beauty Pillow gently cradles the delicate eye area and face, protecting one of our most valued assets: our beauty. No longer will side-sleepers glance in the mirror to find “face-smashing” lines staring back. The pillow design has soft rounded edges, a slight shoulder curve and is made from the purest natural and organic materials, both inside and out. Delivered in exquisite packaging of deep purple, this pillow will make everyone feel not only like a goddess, but a royal goddess!

Focused on the need for improved sleep this new pillow is already generating ‘dreamy’ reviews and interest from those tracking beauty and sleep trends.

“I am so in LOVE with this pillow,” writes blog platform Factory45. “I was excited about a pillow that aims to decrease wrinkles… it was the organic latex filling, organic cotton shell and 100% silk pillowcase that not only has me sleeping easy at night but may also make this one of the most sustainable pillows on the market.”

The introduction of this luxury brand celebrates women and reflects the treatment women deserve: a luxurious night’s sleep!”

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Lydia Lopez-Astrov is an experienced fashion designer, she studied and worked in Paris, Milan, London, Madrid, Chicago, New York and Miami. She attended the Epsom School of Art and Design in Epsom Surrey England, and graduated from the University of Minnesota with a B.S. in Fashion Design, as well as M. Ed. (Major in HEED; Minor in Textiles.)

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