Project Description

The Twendelee Women’s Group operates from Nairobi, Kenya. Members are individuals living with HIV/AIDS, widows, single parents and grandmothers. They are all women who have a common goal: to empower one another through entrepreneurial endeavors. You can help these women by shopping and purchasing from the JYMG store.

Members of the Twendelee Women’s Group collectively pool earnings from the sale of products to reinvest in materials for continued production of goods. This creates short and long term capital investment opportunity. Projects include individual business development, infrastructure repairs to neighborhood water & plumbing pipes and the purchase of land for housing and additional entrepreneurial pursuits.

JYMG is proud to provide a global sales platform to the Twendelee Women’s Group in a cross-cultural, micro-business strategy. It is designed to boost the economic engine of the women’s cooperative.

You can help support the Twendelee Women’s Group by visiting and purchasing products from the JYMG store. You’ll find a selection of hand-crafted women’s purses in a variety of styles and colors. All proceeds from the sale of Twendelee products (minus shipping and administrative costs) are delivered to the Twendelee Women’s Group for reinvestment and business loan opportunities for members.

It is small effort from those of us blessed with success and influence. We can and will make a long term impact on families a world away now and for generations to come.


JYMG first learned of the TWENDELEE GROUP during a 2012 production project to Nairobi, Kenya. Understanding the determination of the women to improve their lives and those of their children and seeing first-hand the living conditions and challenges these women face daily yet also witnessing the quality of their products, JYMG made a commitment to the women to create an opportunity designed to assist them in building more economically sustainable futures.

For more information on how you can get involved: email to [email protected]