Let’s talk about some ways that using paintings to create perfect moods in your home decor. It was years ago after a trip to Paris that I learned this technique. While visiting the famed Muse d’Orsay, I walked past a painting that for reasons still unknown – simply spoke to me. I sat on the bench in front of the piece for almost an hour. I was mesmerized by the image. It evoked a feeling of tranquility and peace.

I share this story to indicate how by using paintings, you can express whatever mood you want to experience in your home. Because NOVICA artisans create many varying décor items, you can mix and match to design your own unique space.We’ve all heard it said, ‘A picture is worth a thousand words.’  But does the same hold true for a painting? I’m going to go out on a limb and say the answer is — yes! The beauty of this concept is that there are no definite words ‘said’ by a painting or picture. It all depends on the person looking at a particular painting and what that person ‘hears.’Abstract Oil Painting, 'Semidarkness' Original Fine Art NOVICA Fair Trade
For instance, there’s a pretty good chance each and every one of you looking at this abstract oil by Peruvian artist, Victor Aldana is feeling something completely different. It’s called “Semidarkness” but some may see this image and feel a lightness or a sensation of happiness. Images can affect our psyches quite powerfully.

Signed Expressionist Painting of Dancing Women from Ghana, 'Calabash Dancers' Original Fine Art NOVICA
Let’s say you have always wanted to travel to Africa. Take advantage of the painting choices from Ghana to take that trip each day while remaining in your home. You can have some fun with these Calabash Dancers by artist Emmanuel B. Coker. The bright colors and a playful feel of the women dancing will brighten any room and just might inspire you to make that dream trip a reality!

If you are ready to start 2017 with a bit of serenity and calm, you can focus on a Buddhist theme. Choose one room to provide yourself a beautiful sanctuary for reflection.

Signed Stretched Expressionist Painting of Floral Buddha, 'Phuttha Bucha' Original Fine Art Wall Art NOVICA Fair Trade
Showcase the Floral Buddha Phuttha Bucha painting then place the Glorious Buddha Hand Carved Wood Puzzle box nearby. Both pieces are decorative and send the subtle message that your space is filled with harmony, peace, and tranquility.

Hand-carved Wood Puzzle Box Buddhist Art, 'Glorious Buddha' Jewelry Box Keepsake Box NOVICA Fair Trade

Choosing contrasting images for display is another technique to create a mood. Expressionist art is just that: the artist is sharing their emotions in visual form.

Expressionist Landscape Painting, 'Andean Torrent' Original Fine Art NOVICA Fair Trade

Artist Raul Cardenas uses oil paints to create the stunning image, ‘Andean Torrent,’ which blends rugged mountains with the natural, calm flow of water. This image makes me want to go on a hike. For others, it may evoke meditation. If so, try pairing this painting, showcased prominently on a wall, with the Meditative Calm wood figurine from Indonesian artist Eka, situated close by.

Handcrafted Wood Yoga Sculpture, 'Meditative Calm' Artisan Carved Fair Trade Original Art NOVICA

Just imagine yourself sitting outdoors within the scenery of the painting while calmly meditating… ahhhhh. Perfection!

There’s no end to the combinations of emotions and moods you can invent when you let your creativity guide you.  No matter your taste or style of home décor, NOVICA has you covered with many original works of art from around the world.

*Reprinted from NOVICA