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Law Enforcement Media Relations in storytelling and social entrepreneurship.
For those of you who missed the move, I returned home to California last year after more than twenty years of calling South Florida home. I settled in the small (but growing) community of Chico, California. ‘Where’s that,’ you ask? It is located about 1.5 hours north of Sacramento. In the latest chapter of this life journey, my #media #relations #news #storytelling skills have been called to work with Chico Police Department for #communications and #press information.

Connecting to the community for the prompt and accurate flow of information is critical for all public and private agencies and perhaps even more so for law enforcement. In the current state of relations between policing agencies and the public, it is critical to not only respond quickly when situations arise but to also take a proactive approach to recognizing stories and information which can and should be shared with the public.

It is an #honor to assist my new team of professionals at the Chico Police Department to tell our stories. In the coming weeks and months our goal is to connect with more and to ALL members of this #growing and #diverse community through traditional channels (local media) and increasingly social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube). I join you to follow us (ideas, suggestions and feedback is welcome).

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This recent story is an example of how law enforcement can play a larger role in the community than simply policing. It highlights the intersection of education, technology, entrepreneurship and global partnerships.

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During a learning program sponsored by Chico State University, two young students visiting the United States as part of an international entrepreneurship program joined us for a few hours. From West Africa; Mali and Ghana, they are developing a mobile app to allow law enforcement to better connect and communicate with their home communities. Facilitating a meeting between the students and our team of experts allowed for the exchange of ideas and knowledge.

The two entrepreneurs incorporated some of what they learned at the Chico Police Department into a business plan which was presented during a student competition. They placed third!

Media relations isn’t always about putting out fires or responding to emergencies. Is that going to happen sometimes? Of course. But I am proud to offer my years of broadcast news experience, media relations and public speaking to help shape part of the narrative of Chico. The ability to recognize opportunities for interesting content and informative stories is the mark of a true storyteller.

How is YOUR story being told?

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