Father’s Day is just around the corner. That means it’s time for YOU to make your dad’s Father’s Day a cultural and chic holiday. After all, this isn’t your grandfather’s yearly celebration… we’re talking YOUR dad, the guy who helped bring you into the world.  So that means a tragically-designed set of mini-wrenches or another tie just won’t do. NOPE. This is 2017. It’s YOUR dad. He’s cool. He’s chic. He’s culturally aware of the world around him, and… did I mention… he’s YOUR dad? That makes him super special! So now’s the time to turn your attention to the UNICEF Marketplace.

Shopping UNICEF Marketplace means every single purchase you make provides direct aid to children around the globe who are living daily with economic, health, nutrition and environmental hardships. So, rest easy knowing you can choose the perfect gift that helps Dad show the world what a super-awesome and caring man he truly is!

Father's Day Chic

YOUR dad may not need any help with staying up on the latest clothing trends and looking good but just in case he needs a nudge in the fashion department, check out this classic v-neck sweater. Made from Peruvian alpaca wool, this pullover is a classic design that never goes out of style. Dad will look good and he’ll be proud of your socially conscious shopping choices. This one purchase can provide more than 30 packets of nourishment to children suffering from acute malnutrition. It truly is a win-win!

Father's Day Chic

Add in a subtle yet powerful item of men’s jewelry to give dear ‘ole Dad a hip edge. This fair-trade leather and brass bracelet from Thailand does the trick. It just screams, ‘ADVENTURE!’ Wearing this fashion combination… all of a sudden your dad becomes the ultra-chic, cool guy who shows up at the gathering.

Speaking of get-togethers… given how talented your dad is, there’s a good chance he’s liked by everyone. That inevitably means regular get-togethers with friends. So when the guys come over to watch a game and hang out, make sure Dad is ready to become the perfect host.

Father's Day Chic

This hand-crafted set of blue-rimmed beer glasses made from recycled materials makes the perfect Father’s Day and all-purpose gift. Match the glass set with this hand-carved and painted wooden bowl and Dad is ready to hang with the guys for beer, snacks, and a sporting event.

  Father's Day Chic

During commercial breaks, Dad can tell his guests the back story to his gift items and that it’s thanks to the UNICEF purchase, that the bowl holding the chips has helped supply rehydration packets to children suffering from dehydration. Talk about a conversation starter!

The more we learn about your dad the more he seems like the kind of man who probably travels to exotic locations to volunteer and help those in need. There’s no better versatile and practical, yet fashionable, gift item than this men’s leather messenger bag.

Father's Day Chic UNICEF

For the man on the go who just may encounter rugged travel conditions, what better accessory? (It will look pretty good with the Alpaca sweater, too!) Dad is sure to love the style and the usefulness.

For an added touch, get creative and a bit more personal.  Place a photograph of yourself in one of these hand-embroidered picture frames from Indian artist, Seema.

Father's Day Chic UNICEF

Slide the picture inside the travel bag for dad to find as another surprise gift. He’ll find it once he takes off on his next adventure. No matter how far Dad may travel; YOU will be close to his heart.

Your combination of gift ideas is only as limited as your imagination. We’re talking about YOUR dad. Remember: he’s awesome. He’s hip. He’s chic. And with gift combinations from the UNICEF Marketplace,  he can’t help but become a real-life superhero – helping children all around the world!

Happy Father’s Day to all the SUPER-HEROS!

*Reprinted from UNICEF