Is there a correct answer to the age-old question; how to choose unique ‘man-gifts’ just for him? (FYI, for the purpose of this article the correct answer is YES).  Saying YES is the easy part. But now it’s time to execute your gift choice plan and get to shopping! ‘Isn’t NOVICA mostly for women looking for original artisan jewelry and crafts from exotic locations around the globe’ you ask? NOVICA offers a wide range of products for both women and men, including clothing, household décor, housewares, artwork and yes… some pretty cool stuff that guys will not only like but more than likely find a dual-purpose for. So where to start?

A dear male friend once told me, “Women are always trying to figure us out. It’s not that hard. We’re pretty simple.” Again for the sake of this article, let’s say this friend is correct and that guys are not that complicated. That translates into non-complicated choices when it comes to gifts.

Men's Wool and Silk Scarf Muffler from India, 'Kashmir Blue'

One of my favorite go-to items is neck scarves. This wool and silk scarf from India with a subtle woven pattern known as Kashmir, is soft and lightweight plus it looks awesome! It is simple, stylish and can be worn with black, brown, beige or blue ensembles.

The same holds true for the 100% Alpaca ‘Arequipa Adventure’ scarf.  You’ve got a classic look but a truly unique item. And talk about versatile? When the weather warms up and a scarf is no longer needed, your guy can use his scarf as a bedroom dresser-top runner. You know… that place were guys (and some gals) tend to drop keys, wallets, spare change and the various odds and ends found in your pockets at the end of the day. No longer will the dresser look a mess, but rather the scarf can serve as a beautiful canvas to house ’stuff.’
Hand-carved Decorative Box Trinkets Keepsakes from Ghana (large), 'Tortoise Wisdom' Another great way to store that odd-ball ‘man-stuff’ that makes its way into the home is to have several different pieces in your household that can hold (and yes, sometimes hide) items. I like the hand-carved decorative ‘Tortoise Wisdom” Box from Ghana.  Artisan Ahmed Baba Asmanu of West Africa has created a sleek and out-of-the-ordinary design. It not only looks good but it comes in handy … you can put ‘stuff’ inside!

Dip Painted Hand Carved Wood Bowl (Small), 'Spicy Green'

If you want to prevent the ‘out-of-sight-out-of-mind’ effect, choose a decorative open bowl, like this hand carved wood bowl ‘Spicy Green’ as a gift item. Remind your gift recipient to set the bowl ON his new scarf ON his dresser!

Handcrafted Men's Black Leather Wristband Bracelet, 'Rugged Black'

What if your guy likes the smell and feel of leather, likes showing his individuality and can pull off a slight ‘bad-boy’ look? Then a great gift choice is this black leather bracelet appropriately called ‘Rugged.’ If his style is a bit more subtle, the handmade men’s sterling silver and leather bracelet, ‘Naturally’ from Peru is a perfect item for a casual yet sophisticated look.
Handmade Men's Sterling Silver and Leather Bracelet, 'Naturally' Brown

On a more personal level, this next gift idea comes straight from my own home. My other half is a huge fan of NOVICA products and has recently gone on a wind chime shopping binge. I highly recommend chimes as a super-unique gift choice.

 Artisan Crafted Bamboo and Aluminum Balinese Wind Chimes, 'Lampion Harmony'

 If your guy spends a lot of time puttering outdoors, the sounds of chimes playing in the breeze can make whatever ‘work’ he’s doing feel more like play and NOVICA has plenty of styles to choose from. Our backyard is home to the artisan crafted bamboo and aluminum Balinese wind chimes, called ‘Lampion Harmony.’

 Feng Shui Agate Mobile Wind Chimes, 'Forest Mysteries' Artisan-made NOVICA
On the front porch, we (and visitors) are greeted to an almost identical version of the Feng Shui agate mobile wind chimes, ‘Forest Mysteries.’

 Every time the wind comes up we have a natural tune dancing in the air. Both of these items are well-worth your attention. In fact, take a listen to both!