Spring cleaning to update your jewelry collection is a great way to give yourself an excuse to shop. Who says the concept only applies to dusting off rugs and wiping down windows? In fact, now is a perfect moment to spend some time on the NOVICA website to choose some fresh new looks and get ready to usher in spring. We have artisans from all over the globe creating stunning pieces in all shapes and sizes and varying price ranges.

 Sterling Silver and Blue Composite Turquoise Ring from India, 'Blissful Trio in Blue' Update Jewelry Collection

Slide this exquisite ring called ‘Blissful Trio in Blue’ on your finger knowing you are now directly linked to artisan Rituu Agarwal from India. Shopping NOVICA means you are helping to make a difference in the world. I mean really… how cool is that?

However, deciding on just the right jewelry items can sometimes be a bit daunting. If you are like me, you might get overly concerned whether you’re selecting items that are ‘in style’ for the latest fashion cycle. What colors, designs, and materials? Arrrggghhh – how to choose!?

Well, I’d like to share a few of my tips and pointers for navigating the jewelry fashion waters. My first rule of thumb: Follow your own instincts of what you like and what matches your own personal style. The fashion magazines may happen to state ‘this season chunky silver jewelry is the rage,’ but perhaps that just is not you. I say, follow your gut. It won’t steer you wrong.

 Modern Horn and Brass Dangle Earrings, 'Midnight Sun' Update Jewelry Collection
Next, I take inventory of what jewelry pieces I already own, and of course, the clothing that will come into play. Chances are there’s an outfit you haven’t worn in a while and adding a new pair of earrings to the mix can make the entire ensemble feel like new. Take the brass dangle earrings, ‘Midnight Sun,’ for example. You can wear these to jazz up a casual jeans and t-shirt kind of look or pair them with the matching necklace to create a stunning evening look. Imagine how awesome this will look with your favorite sleek black dress.

Beaded Turquoise Colored Necklace, 'Alive' toggle clasp brass beads adjustable length Update Jewelry Collection

For me, versatility is key. Choosing pieces that can mix and match with several different outfits can be economical and also give you the opportunity to get creative. I find that showcasing turquoise-colored items works year-round, but there is something extra “fresh” about the stunning blue hues in spring. This color scheme goes with almost every clothing color canvas. Whites, browns, blacks and reds.

Try pairing the beaded turquoise necklace, ‘Alive’ with the fun and lively blue torsade bracelet, ‘Mekong Belle.” The combo almost screams ‘get outdoors and enjoy the awakening of spring.”  These items not only look good but they are sure to garner notice once you start rocking them!

Blue Torsade Bracelet Wood Beaded Jewelry, 'Mekong Belle' Update Jewelry Collection

Be sure to also approach versatility from the stance of material and color of the jewelry. I’m partial to silver but the same holds true for different colors and materials. The key is to have go-to earrings, necklace, and bracelet that will accentuate any outfit.

Fair Trade Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings, 'Traditional Thai' Update Jewelry Collection

For instance, I would go with the sterling silver hoop earrings, ‘Traditional Thai’, the sterling silver cuff bracelet, ‘Wakatobi Wave’ and the hand-crafted Taxco silver pendant necklace, ‘Maya Infinity.”

Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet, 'Wakatobi Wave' modern contemporary design Update Jewelry Collection

Flexible. Versatile. These items simply speak to me. Remember, choose based on what you’re drawn to. You’ll quickly find you wear it well not because of what fashion gurus are saying, but because it is what YOU like.

Hand Crafted Taxco sterling Silver Pendant Necklace, 'Maya Infinity' Update Jewelry Collection
The next guideline: Include several items that are your ‘black tie’ pieces. It’s spring. Count on having a brunch, luncheon, dinner or gala event to attend and make sure you have stunning pieces on hand. The sterling silver rainbow moonstone statement necklace, ‘Ice’ does indeed make a statement!

Sterling Silver Rainbow Moonstone Statement Necklace, 'Ice' Update Jewelry Collection

This necklace is stunning and sophisticated, and one you can turn to for those special occasions. Another great choice is the quartz necklace, ‘Floral Joy.’ This piece can be another great choice for a fancy evening out. Pair it with your favorite sundress for daytime outings or to add some zing to jeans and a tunic top.

Floral Quartz Necklace, 'Floral Joy' Update Jewelry Collection Handmade Art NOVICA

Remember, this spring cleaning shopping is all about YOU. Choose what makes you feel good because as we all know, when you look good, you feel good!