Express yourself. Madonna may have said it best in song but she didn’t corner the market. So now I challenge you to express yourself by choosing the perfect paintings for your home! Why? Because you can decorate to your liking and it also allows you to choose works created by global NOVICA artisans.

 Coffee Kiss II Brown Abstract Mixed Media Painting from El Salvador Express Yourself

In doing so, you are making a conscious decision to help others around the world, like artist David Fernando Duke from El Salvador. His abstract image ‘Coffee Kiss II’  likely expresses something different for each individual. That’s powerful! It’s also why NOVICA and the world aid agency UNICEF make such wonderful partners.  Because by supporting these artists we’re helping people all around the world.

Not sure where to start? Here are a few ideas to help turn YOU into the art curator of your own home. Take a quick tour of the newly designed NOVICA website. You’ll find paintings easily categorized into discipline, subject-matter, colors and themes. Sub-categories take you deeper into specific classifications by mediums, world regions, and pricing.  Awe-inspiring photography has a place all its own.

 Boats on the Lakeshore Seascapes Color Photograph Art Express Yourself

Let’s say you’ve decided a room in your home should have a laid-back, beach cottage feel. Easy. You’ll find plenty of images reminiscent of hanging out on a sandy beach in South America or some other exotic local.  Feel like lounging most of the day near a lakeshore in Indonesia? You can make that happen, too.

 Reflection Color photograph on neutral Color Mount 810 paper Mat border Express Yourself

Let yourself get lost in the ‘Reflection’ photograph by artist Mauro Fichman and you’ll feel as if you are floating in the ocean without a care in the world.

You can also choose paintings with an end-game benefit in mind. Perhaps there is a region of the world in which you are particularly drawn and want to lend a hand. There are many economic, social and environmental challenges faced by women in West Africa. Maybe you aren’t able to join a volunteer team and travel to those regions to assist but you CAN make a painting purchase that benefits local artists.

Back to Village original fine art painting west africa ghana express yourslf

‘Back to Village’ by Francis Amoah depicts a woman carrying her child on her back and a parcel on her head, traveling home to her village.

‘Woman from the Farm’ depicts a typical working day for a young mother.  These are beautiful images and reminders of the daily challenges faced by many of our global sisters and brothers.

Woman from the Farm Original African Painting Acrylic Fine Art Express Yourself

Doña Josefa’s Kitchen‘ by Alcides Medina Umeres shows women busily cooking food.

Doña Josefa's Kitchen Painting Original Fine Art on Canvas Express yourself
Perhaps you want to express a feeling of jubilation and celebration. Bring a feel of Portugal carnival into your home with the one of a kind ‘Baianas in Dance Evolution’ by artist Ruben Andrade.  As you gaze at the brightly colored skirts and turbans on the dancing women you’ll no doubt feel as if you are in the midst of the festivities. Chances are anyone entering your home will feel the same!

Baianas in Dance Evolution Expressionist Fine Art Brazil Express Yourself

So go ahead… say what you feel with images. There’s no limit to what you can say with a painting or photographic art. Have fun being your own curator. Express Yourself!

*Reprinted from NOVICA