Julia Yarbough Media Group is proud to share with you the most recent program in which the Florida Wildlife Federation recognizes children for their conservation efforts. The environmental organization understands the important of educating our youth about our environment and teaching them ways to become stewards of the land at an early age. CONGRATULATIONS to our future environmental leaders!

Kenwood K-8 Center in Miami, Florida has been named the winner in the Florida Wildlife Federation’s 7th Annual Kid’s Wildlife Habitat Contest. The statewide contest is open to all children in Florida 12 years old or younger who have helped to establish and maintain a place where food, water, cover and a place to raise young is available for Florida’s wildlife.

Kenwood students have established a butterfly garden with the help of teacher Fridel Pedrique. The garden holds the necessary items in order to sustain Florida’s native and migratory butterflies. Ms. Pedrique feels especially pleased that they have been able to attract and keep proper conditions for the rare Atala butterfly. This butterfly requires a specific host plant; the native “coontie” which grows well in the garden, as does milkweed.

https://juliayarboughmediagroup.comBreeding and thriving in Kenwood’s garden are also Monarch butterflies, which have been the subject of much attention nationally as their populations have declined about 90% in recent years. The Monarch is the only butterfly to migrate long distances and its only host plant is milkweed.

Thank you to intern Phillipp Rau for presenting the award on behalf of the Florida Wildlife Federation. It is an honor and pleasure to pass along my media knowledge to the next generation of great storytellers.

For more information on how you can become a member of the Florida Wildlife Federation and get involved, visit www.fwfonline.org.

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