23 06, 2020

Riding the Open Road

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BY: Zimbalist Chalk; as told by Julia Yarbough Ask motorcycle enthusiast Zimbalist Chalk when it’s a good time for riding the open road and you’ll get a simple but heartfelt answer. Anytime. In the biker world, he’s known as COW6BOY and he has been climbing aboard various bikes for 45 years; covering thousands of miles [...]

27 05, 2016

How Proper Media Placement Generates Positive Outcomes

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Media placement for clients and resulting story coverage is just one piece of the media relations puzzle. Another is seeing said story generate effective change for an issue, cause or individual. It is my job as Media Relations professional to anticipate how proper media placement generates positive outcomes for a variety of story topics. In [...]

16 05, 2016

ORCA Protecting Indian River Lagoon

By |2021-02-20T18:08:27-07:00May 16th, 2016|Communications, Environmental|0 Comments

While attending a recent board meeting of the Florida Wildlife Federation I learned of the environmental work of ORCA protecting Indian River Lagoon. I was intrigued.  It is with great professional (and personal) satisfaction to secure media placement of this story which has far-reaching environmental, health and economic implications for Florida residents. Upon learning of [...]

29 04, 2016

Florida Wildlife Federation Recognizes Children

By |2021-02-20T18:08:27-07:00April 29th, 2016|Communications, Environmental|0 Comments

Julia Yarbough Media Group is proud to share with you the most recent program in which the Florida Wildlife Federation recognizes children for their conservation efforts. The environmental organization understands the important of educating our youth about our environment and teaching them ways to become stewards of the land at an early age. CONGRATULATIONS to [...]

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