How women’s purses improve women’s lives may sound like an overly simplistic statement. However in at least one case I can vouch for the truth in that statement. Which leads me to this blog post.
How often do you find yourself dreaming of making a career change? Do you think about striking out on your own as an entrepreneur?
If so, you are not alone. Recently I read a SUCCESS Magazine article investigating the “You Economy.” That is, individuals who have decided to offer their unique skills and talents directly to those who need those unique skills and talents. It seems an increasing number of individuals are moving away from the 9-to-5 daily grind seeking employment options which offer more control over their lives, pocketbooks and happiness.
In honor of all those stepping out on their own and diving into the “You Economy,” this month’s issue is dedicated to female entrepreneurs. These women are friends, some are clients and all are trailblazers! Moving forward, each issue will feature an entrepreneur carving out her or his path.
I hope their stories and words of advice will inspire you to pursue YOUR dreams and achieve your goals! In the first of several upcoming posts, I would like to introduce you to Jane Muthoni.


She is a woman taking Nairobi, Kenya by storm! She is grass-roots organizer, micro-economy entrepreneur and social activist. Muthoni leads the Twendelee Women’s Group; more than a dozen women designing and making handcrafted women’s purses and jewelry in Nairobi, Kenya.

Most of the women live in the second largest slum of Nairobi – Kawangare. Each day can be a struggle for access to clean, safe water, electricity and basic needs.

During several visits to Nairobi I had the pleasure of meeting Jane. Inspired by her determination to uplift her community we embarked on a marketing partnership to bring the Twendelee Purses to the US. Thus far sales of more than $1500 US has translated into roughly 152-thousand Kenyan Schillings; funds that are helping to change lives.

To support the Twendelee Women’s Group, visit Julia Yarbough Media Group’s online store.

Until next time~