If you have been thinking about how to add bohemian vibes to your home, now is a perfect time to shake things up with new home decorations.  Fall is just around the corner! With the change of season almost upon us, why not take advantage of more time spent indoors to add some chic, funky and unique décor from NOVICA?  Our global artisans have some amazing offerings that will bring a new feel into your home.

Before we get started, let’s think about that bohemian vibe. What EXACTLY is the feel you’re going for? The great thing about “bohemian” is the flexibility it gives you. The Urban Dictionary defines bohemian as “One with an extremely wide range of different tastes in music, fashion, art, literature; they are usually very creative people… they mix different fashions together just for the heck of it…”

Mixing and matching can take on new life when you utilize open wall space, especially at the entrance to a living area.

Artisan Crafted Pine Wood Wall Panel with Sun and Moon, 'The Angel and the Stars'

A well-placed item can be a great conversation piece as guests enter your home. Hanging a wall panel like this artisan-crafted piece with the sun and moon, ‘The Angel and the Stars,’ is an excellent start. Handcrafted from pinewood, this Guatemalan piece will welcome visitors with warmth, beauty and a sense of calmness. It also shows off your impeccable sense of style and is just funky enough to stand out from the ordinary. Remember that a wall is like a nice big, blank canvas; the only limits for decorations are those you set. Now is the time to try something new!

If you have a large talent for decorating but a small space to work with, consider combining global clothing fashions with household décor for a twist on decorating. Nothing says bohemian like this elephant embroidery shoulder bag, appropriately called ‘Emerald Thai.’  It’s a clothing accessory.

Elephant Embroidery Shoulder Bag, 'Emerald Thai' Sling Bag NOVICA Fair Trade

“But my closet is jammed-packed full,” you say. Not to worry. Look to your wall space and this cleverly-designed three wise monkeys coat rack from Ghana. Made from sese wood, it boasts iron hooks. Viola! This coat-rack quickly becomes the perfect spot to hang that new handbag. This same rack could also hold your favorite NOVICA necklace or earrings. With one item you have created a unique and fresh decorating avenue.

Monkey Theme Coat Rack Artisan Crafted Wood and Aluminum, 'Three Wise Monkeys II' NOVICA Fair Trade

Also, consider how to utilize and enhance your existing living room and bedroom furniture as landscapes. Give yourself permission to play with colors, fabrics or contrasting design themes. For instance, contemplate the maroon mandala Bohemian wall hanging.  Made from 100% cotton, you might think this silk-screened piece is destined for only a wall hanging, but here’s where you can try something different.

Perhaps you can use it as a tablecloth for a dining table or how about in the bedroom?  You can use this original work of art as a colorful bedspread or hung over a room-dividing screen. The same piece could be draped over a couch or chair as a decorative cloth. Remember: the limits are only those you impose.

Maroon Cotton Printed Mandala Bohemian Wall Hanging, 'Leafy Mandala in Maroon' Bedspread Tablecloth

Now is the time to do some mixing and matching. It is the season for breaking out of the norm and trying some “uniquely you” decorating combinations.  Welcome fall with a bohemian buzz throughout your home. No rules; no limits – just YOUR creativity!

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