December 29, 2015
Amazon & Major Book Retailers Debut
‘Breaking News The Series’ – A Top Five New Release
-Award Winning Miami Journalists Publish Tell-All Television Book Series-
Miami, FL. – Watching local television news will never be the same once you read episode one of the provocative and equally hilarious new 13-episode novel set ‘Breaking News The Series.’ In their debut publishing project, broadcast news veterans and now authors, R.E. Schicchi and D.K. Johnson take readers behind the scenes of the fast-paced, exhilarating and emotionally-charged world of WKMI; a fictional yet all-too-real South Florida-based television news station.
“The title of our book says it all,” explains author R. E. Schicchi. “‘Breaking News The Series’ truly conveys all the nuances of local news and once readers dive in and meet the cast of whacky characters there’s no doubt they will think twice while watching local news; wondering what is really going on when the cameras are not rolling. It’s definitely a fun read!”
‘Breaking News The Series’ shines a shockingly bright light on the never-talked-about realities of working newsrooms; the personality clashes, professional conflicts and career aspirations run-amok. Readers will get the stories behind the stories; all the juicy dirt they don’t know about when their favorite anchors and reporters come into their homes each morning and night during news broadcasts.
“Creating ‘Breaking News The Series’ has been such an exciting journey!” says author D.K. Johnson. “After spending almost fifteen years in major-market newsrooms we felt the time was right to dish some dirt on some of the most insane situations one can witness in the workplace. Because we lived it, we created true-to-life characters readers will either love, or love to hate.”
Filled with an outrageous cast of characters and unbelievable scenarios, each page turn brings surprising acts of back-stabbing, hilarious sexual innuendo and snake-in-the-grass sabotage. Thanks to ‘Breaking News The Series’ there’s no doubt that when it comes to television news every man, woman, anchor, reporter, producer, writer and editor is out for themselves!

‘Breaking News The Series’ episode one, kicks off what is sure to be a hit among readers and is available now for free download at the following book retailers: Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords.

For all the latest news and events of ‘Breaking News The Series,’ and to be the first to pre-order the upcoming episodes two through thirteen be sure to visit, Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords.
Authors R.E. Schicchi and D.K. Johnson will be available for interviews and
appearances beginning January 2, 2016. For personal bookings, contact
Julia Yarbough at [email protected] or telephone at 954.383.1434
http://breakingnewstheseries.comAbout R. E. Schicchi:
R.E. Schicchi has worked for more then 12 years in major markets of local television news, including WPLG and WSVN in Miami/Fort Lauderdale and WKMG in Orlando. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Communications from Barry University, and a Master of Fine Arts from Florida Atlantic University. She currently resides in Dunnellon, Florida. D.K. Johnson:
D.K. Johnson is a news industry veteran with more than fifteen years of broadcast news, production documentary and award-winning film projects to her credit. Johnson offers an unparalleled commitment to film and storytelling excellence. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Film from Miami Dade College. She currently resides in Miami, Florida