Inspiring women and girls of all ages to achieve personal and professional success through career development, mentorship intervention and empowerment programs is the creative force behind the North Miami-based non-profit, Ladies of Valor Empowerment (L.O.V.E.). A South Florida entrepreneur mentors smart women as an avenue to celebrate National Women’s History Month. Ladies of Valor is partnering with the Alliance of Career Development Non-profits and internationally-known lingerie company, Ariela & Associates International to host a career-focused empowerment day for young women and girls. The event takes place Saturday, March 12, 2016 at 10 a.m. at Holy Cross Lutheran Christian Day School, 650 NE 135th Street, North Miami, FL, 33161.
HTTP://JULIAYARBOUGHMEDIAGROUP.COM The day of empowerment and motivation will give participants the tools needed to boost self-confidence, increase awareness of navigating career placement and develop skills in making lasting first impressions through proper attire, attitude and presence. Guest speakers include City of North Miami Mayor, Dr. Smith Joseph and Dr. Marie Etienne, Former President of the Haitian American Nurses Association and Professor of the School of Nursing; Miami Dade College.

“The goal of this Women’s History Month event is to help women and young girls feel good about who they are,” says Alourdes Pierre, Founder and C.E.O. of Ladies of Valor Empowerment (L.O.V.E.).  “I created L.O.V.E. to offer programs like this. As a Human Resources Manager, I understand the importance of a strong first impression. I want the women and young ladies who attend this 2016 L.O.V.E. Empowerment Day Miami to walk away knowing they can achieve whatever personal and professional goals they set their minds to.”

For those finding themselves in transition into the workplace, having the necessary attire, skills and training can be a challenge. L.O.V.E. is partnering with the Alliance for Career Development Non-profits (ACDN), to offer practical career-development skills to low income women and girls. The agency and its community partners throughout the United States assist over 60,000 women, girls and men each year.

“It is difficult for those who have been out of the job market to find employment,” says Lynda-Ross Vega, Board President of the Alliance. “A lack of appropriate clothing to make a first impression at an interview can create impossible barriers for disadvantaged women and men.”

The 2016 L.O.V.E. Empowerment Day Miami will include tips to dress for empowerment because feeling good is looking good. The internationally known lingerie company Ariela  & Associates joins forces with L.O.V.E. to offer session participants new under garments as part of the company’s sponsored series of nation-wide Smart & Sexy Day events during National Women’s History Month.

“We are excited for the opportunity to be a part of Smart & Sexy Day sponsored by Ariela & Associates. An event such as this helps us instill in the L.O.V.E. Ladies the knowledge and confidence to achieve self-sufficiency through employment,” says Pierre.

This fun-filled day of learning, empowerment, motivation, dress for empowerment and lingerie day is a community event free and open to the public.

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