Choosing the right sculpture for decorating your home can be fun and easy. Skeptical?  Yeah, I was too until I set to the task of actually doing so. This is because when I heard the word sculpture I instantly envisioned an oversized work of art adorning the lawn of a museum or large estate. But guess what? It doesn’t have to be that at all! Beautiful and symbolically powerful sculptures like this green ‘Fountain of Hope” design come in all sizes and styles and NOVICA offers so many to choose from.
Fountains of Hope Tall green sculpture Original Abstract Steel And Cotton Sculpture statuette Right Sculpture for Decorating your HomeIt turns out thanks to so many incredibly talented NOVICA artisans we are able to turn the word sculpture; a noun, into a verb.  As in “Let’s do some sculpturing.“ (I think this is a made-up word, but you get the idea!)

For this project, we’re going to work both inside and outside the home. One quick and easy way to enhance your outdoor surroundings this spring is by choosing a collection of similarly-themed sculptures for display in and around your garden.

Sandstone sculpture Flower Girl

If you’re lucky enough to live where butterflies and hummingbirds typically flutter about – kudos! If not, don’t worry. You can bring these amazing creatures into your world with carefully selected sculptures.

Create a sense of movement and life by placing these handmade modern steel butterfly wall sculptures from Mexico along the outside of your home.

Handmade Modern Steel Wall Sculptures Mexico (Set of 3), 'Aztec Butterflies' Perfect Sculpture for Home

Group them together or separate and then add in the ‘Soul of Harmony’ butterfly sculpture for a colorful twist.

Unique Blue Butterfly Steel Wall Sculpture Mexico, 'Soul of Harmony' Perfect Sculpture for Home

Now, throw in just the perfect sculpted plant, like a lively bunch of ‘Black-Eyed Susans’ and you are ready to sit back and watch your beautiful garden grow. Oh, but wait… this scene is sure to draw the attention of a curious hummingbird.

Hummingbird and Red Flower Steel Wall Art Crafted by Hand, 'Exotic Nectar in Red' Sculpture

Include one, or several, delicate hummingbirds such as the wall art sculpture, ‘Exotic Nectar in Red.’  and peace, tranquility, and serenity will be in full bloom.

Let’s take things inside and I’ll share a few ways I have made use of sculptures to liven up my home. Having traveled several times to Africa, I am drawn to themes from this region. I chose to place a handmade wood African warrior mask ‘Asafo’ inside a front window. It faces outward.

Handmade Wood African Warrior Mask Sculpture, 'Asafo' wall art right sculpture for your home

The effect? It welcomes you each time you approach my home. It is small and simple, yet effective. I also like to group themed items for full impact. So simply choose a location; a book stand, a fireplace mantle, wall shelves or even staircase ledges, then decide on a theme and set to work.

You can create your own African safari by choosing various decorative sculptures encompassing a range of Africa. A great focal point is the handcrafted West African “Loving Woman” made from Sese wood.

ed West African Sese Wood Tabletop Sculpture Loving Woman Right Sculpture for your home

Utilize your available space to accentuate this incredible piece by adding a few more small works of art. Choose to hang a handwoven Raffia Fan from Ghana on a wall nearby then create your very own safari.

Handwoven Multicolored Raffia Fan from Ghana, 'African Comfort' right sculpture for your home

Go a little wild with a mix of animal species or choose just one grouping of animals. I’m partial to elephants. Go playful with the wooden sculpture “Cheerful Elephant” or a touch more classic with a beaded brown elephant design.

Handmade Wooden Elephant Sculpture from Ghana Cheerful Statuette Figurine Elephant Right Sculpture for your home

Brass Inlay Beaded Wood African Elephant Sculpture Beaded Brown Elephant Figurine Statuette Right Sculpture for your home

Either way, you can’t go wrong. As much or as little space as you decide to fill; NOVICA has elephant sculptures to fit your needs. Plus, elephants are smart, strong, resourceful and stick together. What is NOT to like about them?

Feeling whimsical and playful? Dive in with a big splash of color and something out of the ordinary with this eye-catching porcupine sculpture in the alebrije style from Mexico.  It is sure to be a conversation starter. Imagine this little guy strategically placed atop a kitchen cabinet or bathroom shelf.

Yellow and Green Copal Wood Alebrije Porcupine Sculpture Cute Porcupine Statuette Figurine Right Sculpture for your home

Or go a bit more middle-of-the-road with the handcrafted albebrije folk art sculpture, ‘Springtime Cat.’ It is fun, brightens a room and there’s no cat hair to clean up! Place it solo or in a grouping with other felines to achieve the effect you desire.

Hand Crafted Purple Wood Kittycat Folk Art Sculpture Springtime Cat Figurine Statuette Right sculpture for your home

Remember, the ultimate goal is to create a space that makes YOU feel good each and every time you walk in and settle down. We’re often told, “Go big or go home.” In this case when it comes to ‘sculpturing,’ it’s just the opposite.

Go small, go home, relax and unwind to a calming scene of your favorite sculptures. Enjoy. You’ve earned it!

*Reprinted from NOVICA