Pitching a story with the title ‘Female Leads Miami Beach Convention Center Construction’ has such a nice ring, doesn’t it? Thank you to South Florida reporter Rene Pedrosa and the team of news professionals with ActualidadRadio 1020AM/1040AM for the amazing interview with Maria Hernandez, the Director of the new Miami Beach Convention Center Project.


Identifying good stories and projects, showcasing the interesting people behind those projects and then sharing the information with the public; well… it is why those of us in the broadcast and public relations fields do what we do! It is exciting when you are able to share with the public information and details about major issues which will have long-lasting impact on thousands. And when the subject is interesting and engaging it makes the work that much more enjoyable.

So if you missed the interview, check it out at Actualidad/Radio.

To learn more about the Miami Beach Convention Center Project, visit www.mbfuture.com

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