3CMA recognizes government communications teams each year to give credit for successful messaging campaigns. I would like to say THANK YOU to everyone along the career road who has helped to make my success possible! I am proud to share that the work my team is producing at MBTV for Miami Beach is being nationally recognized!


3CMA Savvy Award

Two of our shows, On The Frontline and MB Culture are top winners, bringing home 3CMA Savvy Awards for regularly scheduled programming and interview/talk shows. I hope we are creating government television with original programming that viewers not only watch, but WANT to watch.

These 3CMA Awards represent every reporter, producer, photographer, editor, assignment editor, graphic designer and viewer/fan who has helped me learn and hone my craft along the way. And a huge thank you to the City of Miami Beach for the opportunity to tell its stories.

Just because a mainstream media outlet does not cover an event or accomplishment taking place in a specific municipality does not mean that event is not newsworthy. It simply means thanks to today’s technology and reach it is possible to create the exact messaging each organization desires for itself. And that’s where Julia Yarbough Media Group comes in.

Producing solid stories is about recognizing the elements which make for a good story, capturing the visual aspect which will also draw in viewers and then using connections, friendships and media-relation bonds to know which outlet will be interested in which events.

It is my honor and pleasure to offer veteran storytelling skills to individual clients – thank you for the opportunities and I look forward to working with more great organizations in the future.

Stay tuned; there is more to come~