Learning first responder humility is a new skill achieved in the role of Media Ambassador for the City of Miami Beach. One of my duties is to create original content for the city television station, MBTV and for our various social media platforms. As a veteran news broadcaster and a journalist who enjoys capturing and sharing stories for mass consumption, it is truly an honor to be able to put my expertise and skills to use highlighting many individuals, stories, events and accomplishments taking place in the community which are often overlooked by mainstream media.

I recently had the opportunity to produce a feature segment highlighting a member of the Miami Beach Fire Department AND the Miami Beach Police Department – a SWAT Medic trained in both fire rescue AND police tactical operations. He is a man who gives new meaning to the title “public servant.” This video segment is in conjunction with a written article produced in MB Magazine; so it has been especially satisfying to share this story in various formats.

Why am I bringing attention to this segment through a business-based platform? It struck me the traits, characteristics and qualities of the gentlemen featured in the segment speak volumes of the how all of us should perhaps aspire to carry ourselves in both our professional and personal lives; to be dedicated, honest, trustworthy, dependable, dedicated, kind, compassionate and above all – HUMBLE for our successes.

Take a look at segment; listen to what this SWAT Medic says about himself and why he performs the service he does, and then ask yourself: am I giving the best of who I am to those around me?

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Associated video link for this blog post:Β Β  http://youtu.be/UxgYxSB4oU8