3 06, 2015

Emergency Communication Storytelling

By |2021-02-20T18:08:32-07:00June 3rd, 2015|Communications, MIAMI BEACH|0 Comments

Emergency Communication Storytelling is one of the best ways to prepare for most anything.  Have a plan and share that with others. That is true for natural disasters as well as other hazards. As the 2015 hurricane season begins, public safety is top-of-mind for most everyone. I was recently tasked with producing and hosting a [...]

4 03, 2015

Master Storytellers: Making the Mundane Memorable

By |2021-02-20T18:08:33-07:00March 4th, 2015|MIAMI BEACH|0 Comments

Within all companies and business operations there are people; men and women who dedicate their time, expertise and passion to drive an organization forward. But let's face it - there are some operations which produce and/or offer goods and services that are necessary in our society but are simply not that exciting; they are not [...]

6 01, 2015

Learning First Responder Humility

By |2021-02-20T18:08:33-07:00January 6th, 2015|Communications, MIAMI BEACH|0 Comments

Learning first responder humility is a new skill achieved in the role of Media Ambassador for the City of Miami Beach. One of my duties is to create original content for the city television station, MBTV and for our various social media platforms. As a veteran news broadcaster and a journalist who enjoys capturing and [...]

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