How to give gifts beyond holiday seasons provides a year-round plan for choosing great gifts for your best friends. Check out more great shopping and home decor ideas at NOVICA.  And check out my latest blog (below)!

You woke up this morning and looked at the calendar. It’s the middle of December. That means we’re in the thick of holiday shopping season. Somewhere between panic and fear you also realized you are quickly running out of time to decide on the perfect gifts for some of your closest friends. Not to worry – all is not lost! NOVICA , and its team of holiday elves (in this case – our NOVICA global artisans,) is making it easy and fun for you to seek out just the right gifts for those holding the title of “best friend.” Oftentimes, one-of-a-kind, unique paintings such as Prosperity I, fit the bill.

Abstract Painting from Indonesia Prosperity I Original Fine Art NOVICA Fair trade

If you’re anything like me, there’s a good chance you have several individuals you consider best friends. Each is characterized by the specific areas of your life in which they fill unique relationship roles. So, for this friendship-shopping lesson; think NICHE MARKET, and remember NOVICA artisans provide a wide range of gift options for her, him, as well as items for home décor!

Hand Crafted Good Fortune Wristband Bracelets Pair Coins of Harmony Chinese Brass Coin replicas Thailand Hamrony Good Luck Fair Trade

What do I mean by unique relationship roles? Well, for instance, there’s the friend with whom you share 100% of your confidence. This is the female friend who knows you better than you know yourself. You’ve had dozens of great adventures and laughs together. You’ve been through all kinds of ups and downs; experienced the good and the bad. A gift such as the Coins of Harmony bracelet can make a strong statement. Symbolizing health and harmony, each of you can wear one band of this set creating an even stronger friendship link.

Maybe you have the friend who fits into the financial-education segment. She’s the woman who is always super smart with her money. Now’s the time to check out gifts for under $25 for amazing finds This versatile pair of golden grass hook earrings from Brazil will, no doubt, WOW her. She’ll appreciate their tasteful elegance and you know she will be impressed by your budget-smart choice.

Artisan Crafted Golden Grass Hook Earrings From Brazil Hypnotic Jalapão Dangle Original Fair Trade NOVICA

And let’s not forget the platonic, guy best friend. You know the one: He’s kind of like a brother but falls somewhere between ‘casual pal’ and not quite ‘the one.’ You simply can’t imagine NOT having him in your life. This is the kind of man who requires a gift that says, “You’re the best of the best and I want you to always shine!’ Help him look his best with these modern sterling silver cufflinks. They are sleek, stylish and classy!

Modern Sterling Silver Cufflinks Men's Jewelry Globetrotter Fair Trade NOVICA

Another great option for the guys is to help them keep their living space looking tip-top. Home décor items, like this handmade celadon ceramic vase from Thailand will not only look good but will make a great conversation piece for his home.

Hand Made Celadon Ceramic Vase from Thailand, 'Glamorous Celebration' NOVICA Fair Trade
I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that if you love NOVICA’s mission and its artisan products then perhaps you also love to travel. If one of your best friends is willing to globe-trot with you, then this handwoven jewelry roll from Thailand might be the perfect accessory. Your friend can pack her travel jewelry to go!  She’ll never leave a jewelry item behind, and she’ll be fashionable as she rolls country to country!

Handwoven Blue Striped Jewelry Roll from Thailand, 'Happy Travels in Blue'

Add a versatile and lightweight scarf and your best pal is all set. As an avid traveler myself, I can vouch that having an all-purpose scarf handy for your neck and/or shoulders is EXCELLENT for settling in on a long flight and bee-bopping around a new city!

Guatemalan Handwoven Natural Cotton Scarf in Dark Grey, 'Dark Grey Lattice' NOVICA Fair Trade

The most important tip to remember when choosing items for your closest friends is this: You love each other, so regardless of what you choose, it will be the perfect gift!