Within all companies and business operations there are people; men and women who dedicate their time, expertise and passion to drive an organization forward. But let’s face it – there are some operations which produce and/or offer goods and services that are necessary in our society but are simply not that exciting; they are not going to ‘set the world on fire’ with their offerings.

In that instance how does an organization craft a story or message that is compelling and interesting enough to grab and hold one’s attention? The answer – tap into the skills and knowledge of those who make their living telling stories!

As a veteran broadcast journalist perhaps I am biased but I believe business organizations from almost any discipline stand to benefit by tapping into the expertise of those who craft stories on a daily basis. Think about it. An individual with a background in news (reporters and photographers) has the ability to turn almost any situation into a story worth listening to and watching.

To support my theory that organizations have an incredible resource at their fingertips, spend a few minutes glancing through the new and original programming I am involved with producing  at MBTV, the City of Miami Beach television station. I like to say, ‘this ain’t your grandfather’s government tv!’ because our crews are producing broadcast quality content and sharing stories that not only inform and educate but also entertain.

So as the landscape of the broadcast industry continues to change and shrink remember there are dozens of seasoned professionals in your midst who are master storytellers. Tap into our expertise and you have a golden opportunity to make the mundane memorable!


Link to associated story:  http://youtu.be/MWiy5_ziBcI