Let’s face it, summer fashion picks can be something of a challenge during the dog days of summer, when the temperature is so hot you feel like you’re living on the surface of the sun and conditions are sticky and muggy.  According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, the dog days of summer are traditionally July 3 until August 11. For many of us, the big question this time of year is, “what clothing can I put on that won’t make me feel like I’m melting?”.  NOVICA can help you make cool and fashionable choices with a wide selection of summer clothing, including a great collection of lightweight tunics available from our global artisans. Check out NOVICA for my latest blog entry and more great fashion ideas!

Artisan Crafted Cotton Tunic, 'Peacock Love'

Why a tunic? Here are five simple reasons why every well-stocked closet should include this mainstay.

1. Cool & Comfy

Just because it is hot outside doesn’t mean you have to give up a stylish look. Choose a lightweight, cotton tunic with short sleeves like the Ebony Melody embroidered cotton top from Thailand. The fabric breathes, won’t feel constrictive and when you choose a simplistic style.  It can be paired with shorts, capri pants or even light-weight jeans for a cool, comfortable yet polished look.

Ebony Melody Short-sleeved black tunic top Embroidered blouse shirt NOVICA Fair Trade Vee neck

2. Fun!

Let’s face it – tunics are fun! With such a variety of materials and prints to choose from, the only thing limiting your choices is your imagination. In the tunic world, you can take advantage of enjoying whimsical and playful designs. Feeling a little retro? Nothing says “flower power” like the handcrafted, red cotton batik tunic delivered from Thailand. Ready to let your inner child out?  You can’t go wrong with the hand painted ‘Owl Adventures’ tunic. And you thought clothing with lighthearted animal designs were just for children!

Women's Handcrafted Red Cotton Batik Tunic, 'Red Flower Power'

3. Multi-Purpose

Choosing a tunic gives you options. You can go big and bold for an evening out, drawing on traditional designs from India, such as the ‘Midnight Splendor’ beaded, embroidered tunic from NOVICA artisan, Vijay Singh.

Midnight Splendor Embroidered Beaded Tunic Top Floral Vicose Rayon India Fair Trade NOVICA

Or you can go a bit more casual with the handcrafted Butterfly Sleeve tunic  from Indonesia.  This tunic also doubles as a dress!  Cinch up the belt and you’ve got an easy, sexy summer ensemble that will be the kind of HOT you want!

Hand Crafted Butterfly Sleeve Knit Tunic, 'Divine Feminine in Black'

4. Versatility for most shapes and sizes

NOVICA artisans have so many different styles to choose from, it’s easy to find a design that works for you. Consider giving yourself plenty of comfort on top (remember; it’s HOT outside) and a style that accentuates your mid-section and hips. Or, if you prefer, you can disguise the curves.

5. Timeless Style

Tunics date back as far as the ancient Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians. It was the basic form of clothing for these cultures; utilized by both women and men. If the simple flowing nature of tunics was good enough for those who helped establish and build thriving civilizations, then we would be amiss to not follow suit!

Stay fashionable and cool!